Stone Care

Stone Care Program

Protect & Preserve your investment with Granite Grannies


The classic marble sculptures of the Romans are still with us to this day because they used oils and animal fat to protect and preserve the stone artwork in their homes and public spaces. Today, animal fat has been replaced by high tech cleansers and preservatives that the experts at Granite Grannies use to protect the vanity tops, countertops, and other decorative stonework you might have in your home. The Granite Grannies Stone Care Program costs just a few cents a day and gives you total peace of mind for your investment. After all, the very best approach to long term care is preventative.

While it is possible to maintain your countertops on your own, it can be an involved process. For the best (and quickest) results, we recommend trusting the job to professionals. Most of us lead busy lives, and it can be difficult to maintain a consistent level of care for the products we value. (Did you really change all the filters in your furnace or the oil in your car this year?) Once you get behind on critical maintenance, the damage is often done. Enrolling in our care program means you can just enjoy your beautiful stone without any extra time or worry.

How the Stone Program Works

Step 1: Chemical Cleanse

Our tech selects a chemical cleanser with the appropriate PH balance and chemical activity level for your stone. This process strips off cheap sealers and daily buildup of soaps, oils and grease. Strip that all off, and you are left with your natural stone or quartz.

Step 2: Repair & Restore

Before re-sealing the stone, any chips, surface scratches, stains or etching must be addressed. Some stones are more likely to get minor blemishes over time than others. We address these marks with fills, buffing, and polishing.

Step 3: Sealing

We apply silicone-based impregnators (sealers) that work inside the pores rather than as topical barriers made from wax products. These sealers form a molecular web that protects the stone from high viscose penetrants and allows the stone to take in vapor and expel vapor. This "breathing" process helps the stone to cleanse itself. Soapstone sealers are either mineral oils or a wax specially formulated for soapstone.

Stone Care Program Options

Tier 1: First Love

Granite Grannies will perform all three steps once per year.

Recommended for granite, soapstone, and quartz products.

Tier 2: Tender Loving Care

Granite Grannies will perform all three steps twice per year.

Recommended for light-colored granite and mid-to-hard quartzite.

Tier 3: Long-Term Commitment

Granite Grannies will perform all three steps three times per year.

Recommended for all marble, white or light, mid-to-hard quartzite

All Stone Care customers receive $150 off any future stone purchases with Granite Grannies

Save $25 this year and for all continuous renewals when you accept the Stone Care Program at the time of stone purchase. This assures our ability to properly protect your stone from day one and prevent any damage from ever occurring.

All three Stone Care options cover all stone surfaces (excluding floors and furniture) in one home regardless of square footage.

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Stone Care Tips

  • Blot rather than wipe up spills within a reasonable amount of time. Do not leave liquids on your stone overnight.
  • Use products created specifically for stone created by reputable stone care companies.
  • Put your pots and pans in the sink before you turn the water on. You are less likely to bump the edges of your sink which can cause chipping.
  • Do not cut on your stone. Besides dulling good knives this can leave steel marks in the stone.
  • It is acceptable to place extremely hot pots and pans directly onto your natural stone.
  • Avoid sliding heavy stoneware or cast iron cookware on the stone surface.