Unique Stones Tuesday: Gold Marinace Granite, Shivakashi Granite, Onyx, & More

A slab of gold marinace granite from Granite Grannies

Welcome to our latest installment of “Unique Stones Tuesday,” where we help you sort through the noise by featuring a few choice slabs of natural stone currently on the market.


Gold Marinace Granite


The stone above is called Gold Marinace Granite. It is also sometimes called Gold Mosaic Granite or Mosaic Gold Granite. This stone is 100% natural. It is a polymict pebble conglomerate quarried in Brazil. This masterpiece of nature was formed when something like a glacier smoothed the individual stones before a sediment or silt washed over them and hardened as it was buried by more layers of rock and earth. The pattern is fun and colorful, but the resemblance to a river bed means it has an overall calm, water-trickling-over-pebbles feel. Each individual piece in the slab is unique, so you’ll never be bored of Marinace Gold Granite. Click HERE to see this stone installed in a kitchen and bathroom.


Below is a new lot of Super White Quartzite. Now, we feature a lot of Super White Quartzite, but I’m including this slab because it’s got spectacular composition and coloring. The ice-berg pattern has some long lines and depth that really play up the resemblance with a marble. Click HERE and HERE to see Super White Quartzite in kitchens and HERE and HERE  and HERE to see it in a bathrooms.




Below is a slab of of Avorio Onyx. Onyx is a gemstone quarried in Onyx is a gemstone found all over the world,  including places like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, , Germany, India, Madagascar, and the US. It is formed in conjunction with volcanic activity. While is only rarely used as a kitchen countertop, onyx is often used in high end homes (it is an expensive, exotic item) on bathroom walls, fireplace,  and in other decorative capacities. Click HERE to see more ways to use onyx in a home. Onyx Avorio


Soapstone is a great countertop choice for those who want a softer or more subdued look than granite. Soapstone is a natural quarried stone that is non-porous and naturally antibacterial. It gets its name from its soft, honed feel- similar to a dry bar of soap. This slab is a Soapstone Smoke, so it is much darker and stormier than a standard soapstone. Click HERE and HERE to  see soapstone installed in kitchens. Click HERE to see more variations of soapstone.


Soapstone Smoke


Costa Esmerelda Granite (sometimes called Costa Smerelda Granite do to a humorous spelling error on the part of foreign quarries) is a pale, pale green granite with a fantastic glassy finish and an overall translucent feel. Its soft, muted colors are peaceful and perfect in a kitchen or bathroom with light colors and a bright, airy feel.


Costa Esmerelda Granite


Last but not least this week is Skivakashi Granite, a warm colored granite quarried in India. Although it appears rather simple at first glance, this granite has hundreds of shades of gold, burgundy, bordeaux, and everything in between. Long, rivulets of darker and lighter minerals add movement and complexity to the beautiful colors. Shivakashi Granite would look great with a white cabinets or wood with a cherry finish.


Shivakashi Granite


Every week on our blog we feature new and unique stones. There are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous natural and engineered materials on the market. So many choices can be overwhelming, so we comb the market for you and report back with our best finds. For more information on any of these stones (or any other stone questions), you can email us at info@granitegrannies.com (or use the contact us form) or call the shop at 301-218-7666.


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