Unique Stones Tuesday: Calacatta Quartzite, Fantasy Brown Granite, Jet Mist Granite & More

Several slabs of Calacatta quartzite from Granite Grannies

UST Calacatta Quartzite


Today, we are featuring a few stones currently on the market that combine gorgeous colors with gentle, swirling or flowing patterns. Above is Calcatta Quartzite. Quartzite is a natural quarried stone like granite or marble. This quartzite is much harder than marble, but has the beautiful glassy white/ gray look of a Calacatta Marble.


Below is another stunning quartzite, Azul Imperial Quartzite. It has subtle gray-blue and gray-green colors in a smooth pattern reminiscent of the way sand looks after the wave has been pulled back into the sea. Azul Imperial Quartzite is perfect if you want the unique pattern and color of an exotic granite while still keeping an overall understated or subtle look.


UST Azul Imperial Quartzite


Fantasy Brown Granite (also classified as Fantasy Brown Quartzite) is a magnificent and delightfully affordable stone with rivulets of pale jade and rose running through a smooth white and cream background.


UST Fantasy Brown Granite: Quartzite


Colonial White Granite has soft trickles of gray falling across a clean white background. The whole pattern is given a touch of color by the small pieces of garnet (the cranberry colored circular mineral visible in the picture) throughout. Colonial White is perfect for someone who wants a lower cost granite that is soft and quiet, but classy rather than boring.


UST Colonial White Granite


Cinderella Gold Granite has strong, rich earth tones rushing horizontally (and sometimes diagonally) across the slab. It is one of those granites that seems to have hundreds of different colors visible and hidden among the mesmerizing pattern, colors just waiting to be discovered.


UST Cinderella Gold Granite


Coper Canyon Granite has the warm terra cotta colors of the Southwest, evoking the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon. Burnt Orange streams wind along the sandy copper background.


UST Copper Canyon Granite


Jet Mist Granite delivers that classic black look with a twist. Several shades of gray are swirled on a black background like the sand on the black volcanic beaches of Hawaii or Iceland. Jet Mist Granite is also available in a really luxurious leathered or honed version.


UST Jet Mist Granite


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