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Unique Stones Tuesday: Azurre Quartzite, Copper Canyon Granite, Equator Marble & More

Equator Marble


Azzure Quartzite


Welcome to our latest installment of “Unique Stones Tuesday,” where we help you sort through the noise by featuring a few choice slabs of natural stone currently on the market.


This incredible stone is called Azurre Quartzite. (CLICK HERE to learn more about quartzite.) Its colors are extremely unusual. The background is a steely blue/ gray with a translucent layer copper crystalline formations and milky quartz on the surface.


Azzure Quartzite Close Up


Copper Canyon Granite is a great choice for those people cursed with both great taste and a small budget. It fall on the lower end of the granite price scale, but has the meandering patterns, bold patter, and clear mineral definition of an exotic stone.


Copper Canyon Granite


Equator Marble


Yes, this a 100% natural stone. It’s hard to believe, but Equator Marble is a one of those amazing creations of nature that never cease to amaze us. It’s perfectly straight lines remind many clients of the rings around Saturn or Jupiter. It certainly looks like there’s a bit of stardust in the stone. This marble is also called Olimpico Striatto Marble.


Equator Marble


White Flower Granite


White Flower Granite is an exciting stone with slivers of black feldspar swirled in with translucent quartz on a cream, gray, and cinnamon background.

White Flower Granite


Colonial Gold Granite


Golden Pilsen Granite is a lovely medium price stone. Its bright, cheerful colors are paired with playful pattern for an overall sunny feel. Golden Pilsen Granite will brighten up any kitchen and put a warm smile on your face every morning.


Colonial Gold Close Up


Viscont White Granite is a striking stone with bold, sandy rivulets in monochromatic swirls. If you’re trying to harness the passion of a old time romantic silent film, this might be a good choice.


Viscont White Granite


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