Unique Stones Tuesday: African Fantasy Granite, Prada Gold Granite, & More

A slab of Bellini granite from Granite Grannies

Welcome to our latest installment of “Unique Stones Tuesday,” where we help you sort through the noise by featuring a few choice slabs of natural stone currently on the market.


Bellini Granite


Bellini Granite is a rich composite that is closely related to the more well-known Chocolate Bordeaux Granite. Bellini has a clear mineral composition with bright, distinct grains of colors dominated by a warm milk chocolate color with accents of ivory and espresso. The pattern is consistent across the slab, which means it will have a unified look across counters once installed. Click HERE to see a very similar stone installed in a kitchen.


African Fantasy Granite


African Fantasy Granite is a cool, gentle stone with azure gray rivers cutting through a white, cream, and gray background. It has a lilting pattern and just enough contrast to catch the eye without being too loud.


Prada Gold Granite


Prada Gold Granite is perfect for a kitchen with an L- shape or island.This stone has gold, gray, black, and ochre lines move across a soft, neutral background. The gorgeous pattern will move across the counters, creating a visual flow in the kitchen and adding a sense of motion and energy to the whole space.


Cold Spring Granite


Cold Spring Granite brings a bright and refreshing contrast to the kitchen. The white background gives the stone a lighter look overall, while the dark mica and feldspar clusters add a bit of kick to the pattern. Up close, you will see amazing formations of mica and quartz.


Breccia Oniciata Marble


Last but not least, Breccia Oniciata Marble is a truly unique natural stone. It’s pattern is reminiscent of a mix between limestone, petrified wood, and fossilized shells, and the soft, warm swirls of neutral tones often look like onyx. This is a lovely stone for bathrooms, fireplaces, and other small projects.


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