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Stonework In The Bathroom

by Granite Grannies

Why Stone Countertops Are The Right Choice

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Granite Countertops

Beautify Your Bathroom With Stone Countertops From Granite Grannies

Though the bathroom in your house may not get as much use as the kitchen, that doesn’t mean you have to leave it out of the loop when it comes to getting its fair share of sophistication. When it’s time to replace the vanity and other surfaces in your bathroom, why not try stone countertops from Granite Grannies instead of vinyl or tile?

There are several types of stone that function well and look great in almost any bathroom:

  • Granite — One of the most durable stones around, granite is the perfect choice for bathroom countertops. It is naturally bacteria-resistant, and with regular sealing it becomes very stain-resistant. Nearly impossible to scratch or crack, granite comes in a dazzling array of colors that will match any bathroom.
  • Soapstone — It may be considered a “soft” stone, but soapstone works amazingly well in environments where moisture can be an issue. With its non-porous surface, it makes a fantastic material for bathroom vanities. Typically dark grey in color, soapstone darkens to a charcoal grey or black with repeated coats of mineral oil. Any damage it takes is easily buffed out with minimal effort.
  • Limestone — With a matte finish, limestone is better off in bathrooms where colors are more informal. The purest forms of this stone are generally white or cream-colored, but variations of red, yellow, gray, or even black can be found in areas where minerals have affected its coloring. Due to its porous nature, limestone requires a consistent amount of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Marble — If you want an elegant and luxurious look for your bathroom countertops, marble can’t be beat. Though most commonly available in white with streaks of gray, it runs the color gamut with varieties of pink, blue, black, and brown. Treated with silicone sealer, marble countertops will last longer than anything else in your house.
  • Sandstone — Made up of sand and other minerals, sandstone has a matte finish that provides a subtly charming addition to any bathroom. Colors are muted but come in hues of tan, red, brown, white, yellow, and gray. To minimize staining and surface damage, it must be sealed annually.
  • Slate — Slate forms naturally into thin, broad layers, which makes it a great material for countertops. A soft stone with a pattern reminiscent of waves or wind, it comes in strikingly smoky colors like dark gray, green, and black. Softer than granite but still extremely durable, slate requires regular care in order to prevent staining.
  • Quartz — Unless you live next door to a mine, any quartz you get for your bathroom countertops will most likely be a synthetic specialty made of crushed quartz and hardening materials. This manufacturing process makes quartz countertops even more durable than granite, with antimicrobial capabilities to match. Choose quartz if you need a vanity with custom edging or design.

Bathrooms are often ignored by homeowners when they are considering home improvement options. It’s easy enough to understand why — rooms like the kitchen, living area, and home rec are places where we congregate with friends and family, while the bathroom is relegated to one-person-at-a-time activities that we don’t associate with social interaction.

However, a bathroom renovation treated with the same respect as a kitchen remodel can bring surprising results, especially for those looking to raise the overall value of their home. What potential homebuyer wouldn’t be impressed by a bathroom that’s been fitted with personalized tilework, inlaid flooring, a walk-in bathtub with seating, and a gorgeous soapstone vanity with curved edging? It really does pay — whether you’re interested in investing in your house or just want to add a little luxury to the smallest room in your residence — to strongly consider a bathroom renovation when budgeting for home improvement work.

The easiest way to add class and value to your bathroom is with stone. Stone countertops and vanities are an especially wise decision, as they are relatively price efficient compared to replacing flooring, walls, cabinetry, and bathtubs. Even the cheapest stonework added to a bathroom will enhance the aesthetic and overall worth, and there are so many design options, colors, and patterns available that even the most hard-to-please consumers can find something satisfying in the large variety of workable stones available on the market today.

If you live in the Maryland area and are interested in upgrading or replacing your bathroom countertops with something outside the norm, contact the expert countertop fabricators at Granite Grannies. Our team will be glad to answer any questions you might have about our services and what we can offer your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or outdoor area. In the meantime, check out our blog for articles and news on the latest in stone countertops!