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Unique Stones Tuesday: Gold Macaubas Quartzite, Mari Blue Granite, & More

A slab of black rocktus granite from Granite Grannies

Black Rocktus Granite a


Our first stone this Tuesday is the knockout Black Rocktus Granite. It is very similar to Black Mosaic Granite (aka Marinace Granite), but instead of smooth, rounded pieces, it features a wild mix of more angular rock pieces. This granite is a “conglomerate.” That means it was formed thousands of years ago when some sort of silt or sediment flowed onto and around these broken rocks, hardened over millennia, and was pushed down below the earth’s surface. The “grayscale” color of this granite is fantastic; the pattern is fun and unpredictable, but the color keeps the overall look down to earth. CLICK HERE to see pictures of a similar stone installed in a kitchen.


Sea Pearl Quartzite a


Sea Pearl Quartzite is perfectly named. Its translucent, pearly white and gray background is brushed with the softest hints of seafoam green and a desert sand. (Quartzite is a natural quarried stone like granite or marble.)


Mari Blue Granite a


Mari Blue Granite is a rich, sumptuous granite with black, gray, and touches of dark cobalt blue.


Gold Macaubas Quartzite a


Gold Macaubas Quartzite has all the elegance and clean lines of marble and the durability of granite. It’s warm, golden color is versatile and would be just as much at home in a contemporary kitchen as in a more traditional space.


And last but not least, Daino Reale Marble. This classic stone has a creamy background infused with rose and cinnamon colors. Up close, it almost looks like fossilized material. While it’s a little soft for the average kitchen, it’s great for bathrooms.


Daino Reale Marble a


Every week on our blog we feature new and unique stones. There are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous natural and engineered materials on the market. So many choices can be overwhelming, so we comb the market for you and report back with our best finds. For more information on any of these stones (or any other stone questions), you can email us at (or use the contact us form) or call the shop at 301-218-7666.


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