Inspired By Iceland: A Color Palette


Everyone loves beautiful, unique spaces, but it’s so easy to fall into a decorating rut. Sometimes, you know what you have isn’t quite right, but you can’t visualize that perfect stone or color. When I (Lori, owner of this fine establishment) get stuck in a decorating rut, I like to search for inspiration in less-traditional places. By that, I mean that I put down my decorating magazines and paint swatches and pick up my favorite art or travel book. Instead of looking for specific colors to pair with a stone, I just look for images or items that are beautiful to me- that make me smile. This decorating exercise never fails me!


In June, I took a several week trip to the tiny, nordic country of Iceland with my daughter, Hannah. The landscape and towns were unlike anything I have ever seen. I was so inspired by the fresh new sights, and the whole time I was scheming about how to bring this inspiration back to the states. To that end, Hannah and I chose a few of our favorite photos from the trip, used photoshop to pull out exact Pantone colors, and created these color palettes to help you break free of your decorating rut.


Iceland colors


The little Puffins at the cliffs of Látrabjarg were my favorite part of the whole trip. These beautiful creatures had no fear of humans; we were able to sit down right next to them and see their beautiful colors and lines up close. Perhaps “natural” would not be the first word you use to describe this color palette, but I think with a bit of creativity in the shape of the counters, a kitchen or bathroom inspired by these seabirds could be bold and playful- modernity with a touch of timeless beauty courtesy of nature. A honed finish granite like Matrix would add subtlety and texture to the strong color palette. This would also look great with an Absolute Black Granite and a white marble like White Carrara Marble.


Iceland colors


The houses in Reykjavik, the capitol of Iceland, were all kinds of colorful. The color combinations were delightfully unique, and no two houses looked the same. Tucked away on a cobbled street, this house from the late 1800’s was one of my absolute favorites. The very idea of a kitchen in these colors has me dreaming of eating peach cobbler with friends on a warm summer day. The Colonial Cream Granite or a Crema Bordeaux Granite would be a delicious complement to the warm colors.



Everywhere you go during the summer in Iceland, you see huge fields of Lupine. During the day, the flowers looked purple under the bright sun, but in the evening, when the midnight sun was at its softest, they had a gray/blue glow. I picture a bright, simple white kitchen with accents of lavender and eggshell blue…just enough color to evoke the clean, invigorating glow of lupine gently waving against the backdrop of a snowy mountain peak.
P.S. You can see more pictures of Iceland and our trip on Hannah’s travel blog.