Design Tip: More Cabinet and Granite Pairings

Creme-colored kitchen with Golden Beach granite countertops

It’s hard to conceptualize a finished kitchen from the various elements pre-installation. This past summer, we posted a short guide to matching cabinets and granite. The post ended up being one of our most popular articles ever, so we decided to put together another set of cabinet and granite pairings to help our readers visualize the almost infinite granite and cabinet combinations available.


Here are several common combinations. Take a look through our photo gallery for hundreds of photos that will help you figure out your ideal granite and cabinet pairing.


Cream Cabinets with Glazing and Golden Beach Granite: Golden Beach Granite has a gentle cream background that ties in perfectly with these cream cabinets. The darker caramels, blacks, and shades of brown in the granite add a touch of contrast to the cabinets, while tying in the color of the cabinet’s glazing.



Maple Cabinets and Cosmic Black Granite: The maple cabinets add warmth and color to the room, while keeping the overall feel light. The cabinet design is simple, no extra frills or decorative features. This creates a perfect stage that allows the bold, luxurious Cosmic Black Granite to be the focus and star of the kitchen. This is great way to use a dark granite on the counters while avoiding a dark or overbearing kitchen.



White Cabinets and a Rose/Pink Cabinet with Wood Stone Granite: The Wood Stone Granite (aka Palamino Granite) has a smooth, sandy color that subtly sets of the white cabinets. The rose cabinet of the island (which matches the cast iron sink) adds a whimsical pop of color that is playful without overpowering the stone or diminishing the fresh and airy look created by the rest of the room.



Espresso Cherry Cabinets with Golden Crystal Granite: The pairing has a good deal of contrast. The dark cabinets really set off the light stone, but they also accent the deeper brown and black minerals of the granite.



Leathered Antique Brown Granite with Cream Cabinets: This kitchen pulls of an elegant, country-charming effect with a variation on the classic black and white kitchen. The granite is leathered. Leathered granite is basically granite with a matte finish. It still has shine, as you can see, but it is more like the shine of new leather than of a standard polish granite. The leathered granite also has texture that pulls in the surrounding stone on the wall. Combined with the cream cabinets, the Leathered Antique Brown Granite creates a cheerful, but subdued contrast.



Honey Colored Cabinets with Revelation Bordeaux Granite: The warm colors of Revelation Bordeaux Granite perfectly match the honey colored cabinets, but the white/ cream background of the stone add just enough contrast to stop them from blending too much.



Bright White Cabinets with Monte Cristo Granite: As you can see, this open kitchen is decorated in all bright neutrals. The Monte Cristo Granite stays in the set color palette, while the strong linear pattern adds a touch of energy to the quiet colors.



You can add these photos and more (we’ve uploaded over 400!)  to your houzz ideabook by visiting our houzz profile. Are you having trouble pairing your granite and cabinets? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, ask a question on houzz, or email us. We’d be more than happy to help (no matter where you live).