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Design Tip: How To Choose A Granite Edge Profile

Kitchen counter topped with thin granite countertop

Choosing your granite color is the biggest decision you’ll have to make before you can have the stone fabricated and installed in your home. You’ll also have to discuss layout options, design elements such as a radius on your island, and decide on a backsplash size. One of the final decisions will be your “edge profile.” The edge profile is the shape  your edge takes. In this post,  I will give examples of standard and custom edges. I’ve divided the edges into several groups: Free or Basic Edges, Upgraded Edges, Laminated Edges, and Custom/ Novelty Edges.



Typically, the Straight Edge (also called an Eased Edge or Flat Edge) is the only edge that doesn’t require an upgrade. At Granite Grannies, we also offer the Half Bullnose Edge (the inch sign is a typo on the diagram), the Half Inch Beveled Edge, and the 3/4 Inch Beveled Edge. All the standard edges are 3 cm thick. This is the standard size for granite slabs. Two cm is not safe for kitchen countertops, and any slabs thicker than 3 cm are much more expensive.

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Carnival Granite with a half inch beveled edge


The Half Inch Bevel is a subtle, angular edge. It’s a great way to get a heavy, modern look.


Wood Stone Granite with a 3/4″ Beveled Edge


The 3/4 Inch Bevel has a slightly longer pitch (the top half of the bevel) than the Half Inch Bevel and a shorter rise (the bottom half).  It’s a beautiful marriage between the strong, hard lines of a shorter bevel and the elegance of an ogee edge and is a great way to show off a beautiful stone. The long pitch also highlights a pattern with movement, as you can see in the above photo.

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Rainforest Green Granite with a Half Bullnose Edge


The Half Bullnose Edge adds curves to the room. Out of all the standard edges, this one most shows off the thickness and solidity of the granite.


Granite Edge Upgrades



These edge upgrades require more time to hand polish. They are also 3 cm thick. These edges typically cost between $20- $36 per linear foot.


Wild Chiante Granite with an Extreme Beveled Edge


The Extreme Bevel is a gorgeous edge with a 1 inch pitch. It takes the virtues of the 3/4 Inch Bevel and extends them.


Blue in the Night with an Ogee Edge


The Ogee Edge is a classic look that evokes the ornate elegance of other eras. It can have a deeper, more dramatic curve or it can have a more subtle line.


Coco Bois Granite with a Knife Edge


The Knife Edge is something you won’t see very often. We created it for our clients who wanted a streamlined, modern edge, but who wanted to stay away from the overused flat edge. It’s wonderful on raised bars because the underside of the edge is as polished and appealing as the top. The same is true for the Inverted Bevel Edge (also called a Mitered Edge) pictured below.

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Inverted Bevel Edge aka Mitered Edge


 Laminated Granite Edges


Laminated Edges are confusingly named. They have nothing to do with laminate countertops. Instead, this term refers to the process of cementing a second layer of granite to the edge of the countertop. The countertop then looks 6 cm thick. This allows for innumerable combinations of edges and ornate detailing. Or, in the case of the Laminated Flat Edge (aka Laminated Eased Edge) a very dramatic, modern look.






Custom & Novelty Granite Edges


Because we finish our edges by hand, there is a good deal of room for creativity and experimentation.


This unique edge is called a Rock Edge or a Raw Edge. Our craftsmen chip away at the edge, then apply a coating to seal and soften the edge. This particular example also happens to be laminated for a dramatic look, but the rock edge can be done on 3 cm edges as well.


Abbreviated Rope Edge 6 cm


Recently, we developed a series of edges for a client with a very unique project. They are building a beautiful lodge style home on 80 acres. The home will be constructed with stacked stone and wood beams throughout. They have chosen a leathered granite to fit the rustic nature of the home, but we felt that the countertops needed a unique touch to really complement the vaulted ceilings, roaring fireplaces, and custom made wood cabinets. These variations were designed and created by our foreman, Chuck.


Ogee Loose Rope Edge 6 cm


Full Rope Edge 6 cm


Ogee Rope Edge Tight 6 cm



Our youngest polisher, Daniel, created this interesting edge the other day during his free time. I don’t know if it would be possible to use on kitchen countertops, but for round tables or even bath vanities, it might be a really neat look.


The edges listed here are just some of the edges possible. As you can see from these diagrams below, there are dozens of edges and combinations of edges possible.


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